Conrad Spainhower

Author 7 Laws of Human Nature (7LHN)


About Conrad Spainhower

Conrad Spainhower, aged 74, embarked on a spiritual journey spanning 50 years, exploring various philosophies after feeling disconnected from his Christian upbringing. His quest led him through Shamanism, Buddhism, KRSNA, and more. In 1991, in Brazil, he encountered seven white-robed beings who imparted the 7 Laws of Human Nature (7LHN) through a profound initiation experience. Over three decades, he received teachings from these spiritual masters, culminating in the completion of the 7LHN book in 2023. Despite thinking his mission was over, he received a subliminal message to write another book on The New Spiritual Age, reaffirming his faith in the guidance of the seven masters.

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Book 1 – 7 Laws of Human Nature

(2nd Edition – 2019)

The 7 Laws of Human Nature (7LHN) emerged from a vision in 1991, where Conrad Spainhower encountered seven spiritual masters. Despite initially lacking comprehension, in 2002, he awoke with…

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Book 2 – New Spiritual Age

(Estimated Launch 2026)

The book “7 Laws of Human Nature” presents spiritual insights gleaned from encounters with seven Spiritual Masters, received intuitively over 30 years and structured to adhere to scientific and logical principles…

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Book 3 – The Path of the Golden Heart

(Estimated Launch 2028)

“Path of the Golden Heart,” the third installment in a trilogy, serves as an autobiography of Conrad Spainhower, author of “7 Laws of Human Nature” and “The New Spiritual Age,” the latter still in progress…

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